June 08, 2011

How to add vignetting effect using Photoshop and PhotoScape

Vignetting is an optical effect that causes the corner edges of an image to become darker while the center appears to be highlighted and brightened. This is an undesirable effect that may occur arbitrary due to camera lens design and prevalent light conditions while framing the shots. Hence the vignetting effect is an uncontrollable effect, that is you cannot choose whether it should appear or not while taking shots. Interestingly, this effect is sometimes deliberately introduced in post photography works so as to accentuate the main subject or theme. This can be done by a software like adobe Photoshop or PhotoScape.

How to add vignetting effect in Adobe Photoshop (CS4 or CS5)

Step 1: Open your photo in Adobe Photoshop and navigate to Filter –> Distort –> Lens Correction.

vignetting photoshop

Step 2: On the right side panel under the vignette section set the values of amount and mid-point as…amount = –95 and mid-point= +27. These are optimal vignetting settings. You can experiment with other values as well.

vignetting photoshop

That’s all, now click ok and save the picture in jpeg format to appropriate location.

after vignetting photoshop


note: We have used Photoshop version CS4 to make this tutorial. The settings will almost remain the same for all those trying this vignetting effect using Photoshop CS5 version. 

How to produce vignetting effect in PhotoScape

PhotoScape is very handy when it comes to adding the vignetting effect to your photos. It has pre-defined filters for producing a variety of vignetting effects.Smile

To add vignetting effect using PhotoScape, simply add your photo in the software editor section. Then click on filter and finally click on vignetting.

vignetting photoscape

isn't that as simple as abc ? Now choose your desired vignetting effect with the level and click ok. For any query or suggestion do comment on this post.