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Guidelines & Conditions for guest post contribution [MUST READ]

a) General Guidelines
1. Guest post proposals from the same/similar niche (photography/photo editing/photo) will only be considered. Please do not contact me if you are outside this niche.

2. The post must be original, unique and of high-quality. It should NOT be copied or reformed from anywhere else.

3. Include relevant images with credits inside your article.

4. the minimum word length is of 600 words.

5. Do NOT add any affiliate or self promotion link inside your article. These won't be entertained.

6. Do Include a byline at the end of the article which clearly describes who you are, what you do and where can people find more about you (i.e; your website and your social media links)

7. By submitting your guest post, you agree to grant us the copyright ownership and monetization of the content.

8. If your guest article is published, then re-publishing it anywhere is strictly not allowed. We regularly check for any plagiarism in the guest contributed content. If it is found, then it results in immediate removal of the article from the website without any notice!

b) Linking Guidelines (types of links that can be used in the article)
linking1. All the links are do-follow (passing Pagerank). You are free to use only 1 link in your byline with the anchor text of your own choice.

2. External links (if any) inside the main article will be attributed with no-follow (not passing Pagerank).

    What types of articles are accepted for guest contribution?

    You can contribute any unique/interesting article that fits in anyone of these 3 categories:

       1. Photography Tips/Techniques/Styles
       2. Photo Editing (Photoshop, Lightroom or any other form of photo editing)
       3. Camera Reviews (point-and-shoots/DSLRs; do include some sample photos/videos as well while reviewing the cameras)

      Why should you write for us ?


         1. Our guest bloggers enjoy high quality back-links to their websites. Don't care about Pagerank, since building the Pagerank is entirely in your own hands. More the number of good links pointing to your article = higher the Pagerank of your post!

         2. We have a pretty good list of subscribers. So your post will definitely get the eye-balls it deserves! 

         3. Increased credibility since your blog will link to an authority photography blog.

          How to submit your post?

          submit postSubmitting a guest article is very easy. Make a properly formatted article on a word file(.doc) and then send your article to me along with relevant images(if any). I will review it thoroughly, make necessary changes(if needed) and your guest post will go live at DCP within a few days. For a sample of guest posts, feel free to review our guest post category. But before you do that, i will suggest you to get in touch with me with your article's idea by using the form given below...

          Thanks again for your interest!

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