May 18, 2011

How to Retouch photos in photoscape

It is very easy to retouch and enhance your photos dramatically in photoscape. All that you need to do is to basically run your photo through a series of selected filters available within the program. This form of retouching is especially in favor of those who are not that skilled with professional image editing softwares like Adobe Photoshop. In this tutorial i will guide you how to fix your photos in photoscape in less than 5 minutes.

Photo used in this tutorial:

Woman Face Smiling and Looking Around (credits to:

Here’s the short tutorial:

Step 1: Launch Photoscape and select the editor from the circular launcher.

photoscape editing

Step 2: Now select your photo (portrait close-up is recommended) and apply bloom from the bottom toolbar. This has to be followed by the application of smart blur under the filters option. You will notice a remarkable improvement in the photo once you have applied these two filters in succession.

bloom retouch

smart blur

Step 3: This is optional OR as needed. You can fix the appearance of moles/marks and red eye using the last tab(named ‘region’) To correct red eyes/moles, simply draw a selection rectangle with the mouse over the affected area and the mark will vanish like magic. The same follows for red eye removal.

fix moles red eye 

Final results:

before retouch  after retouch 

So that was an easy 3 step retouch tutorial, especially for those who are short with time and less proficient using Adobe Photoshop. Thanks for reading this tutorial :)