About The Blog:

Digital Camera Photography is a photo community blog that publishes articles on photography basics, tips and digital photo editing. Launched on November 2010 at BlogSpot sub-domain, the blog was soon moved to its own top level domain in February 2011. Photography articles are written by the chief editor – Abhishek (a student, avid photographer and photo editing freak) and contributed by many other passionate photographers from around the world. A high emphasis on quality and perspicuity is maintained while publishing articles on this photography blog.

About The Author & Chief Editor:

My name is Abhishek Raj. My inclination towards photography and photo editing led me to create this beautiful blog back in November 2010. Here I write about the best of photography tips and photo editing tutorials. I also do most of the editorial work like publishing the articles, reviewing the guest posts and making necessary changes to the overall website design and layout. Though I do not hold any special certificate or degree from a photography school, I believe in sharing unique and credible photography articles with my readers by putting in the best of my knowledge, experimenting with my digital camera. I believe that one day through all of my consistent hard work and dedication, Digital Camera Photography will grow into a popular and credible online photography resource.
Besides DCP (abbreviation for this blog), i also blog at Budding Geek, a tech blog primarily focused on tips related to Blogging basics, Internet Marketing and Social Media. To contact me, please use this online contact form. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible :-)