June 14, 2011

Resize multiple images in Photoshop with batch resizing tool

Adobe Photoshop is a great photo editing software that comes quite handy while resizing multiple photos automatically. It’s obviously very irritating and time consuming when one tries to manually resize every single image in Photoshop. To overcome this limitation the necessity to understand the batch resizing tool in Photoshop increases. Batch resizing tool in Adobe Photoshop resizes multiple images of large size automatically within minutes. The user has only one thing to do – setting the necessary parameters like source folder, target folder, new width and height dimensions and then finally running the automated process.

So without wasting anymore time lets discuss this unique batch resizing technique that saves plenty of time and efforts

Step 1  Open Adobe Photoshop and navigate to File –> Scripts –> Image Processor…

multiple batch resize photoshop

Step 2  Under the image processor - select the source folder that contains all the images to be resized. I will recommend you to transfer all the images to be resized to a separate folder before setting the source folder.

source files batch resizing

Step 3  Now set the location on your hard-disk to save the new resized images. You can either choose to save in the same location or select a different folder to save the newly processed images.

destination foldfer batch resizing

Step 4  Now set the file type (obviously as JPEG), file quality and new resizing dimensions for width and height in pixels. Set these new dimensions according to your need. Finally after setting all these parameters click the Run button located on the top right window.

settings multiple photo resize

That’s all. Now sit aside and relax. Your photos will be resized within minutes depending upon the number of image files and their size.

I hope that you all will definitely like this time and effort saving unique method to resize multiple images in Adobe Photoshop Smile For any suggestions and query feel free to comment on this tutorial.