January 15, 2011

Digital Camera photos too bright? Here’s the solution

It is really annoying when a digital camera produces too much bright pictures, often distracting the subject in focus. There are 2 possible solutions that are worth trying under such circumstances :

Reason 1: Too bright pictures due to high ISO

Solution 1: Check your ISO settings. Under high ISO value, It's quite usual for the camera to capture too bright pictures, if the camera is set to use flash. Set the ISO of camera to small value while using the flash. The problem would be solved.
These shots illustrate how a higher value of ISO on camera while using flash can spoil the whole photo..

Digital camera photos too bright      Digital camera photos too bright

Reason 2: Too bright pictures due to brightness control settings

Solution 2: Check the brightness control settings of the digital camera. You will notice something like EV on it. It is used to control the brightness of pictures being captured. Set it to a lower value and check if the problem still persists.

Miscellaneous Reasons and Solutions:

If none of the above solution works, then the camera flash itself is causing problems.
Solution 3: Try to capture images by turning off your camera flash and setting the ISO to it's highest value( quite obviously this trick wont work if you are capturing images in darkness )

Solution 4: If using the camera flash is a necessity, then try to capture images by temporarily placing a small bit of paper on the camera flash. This trick must work Thumbs up