January 18, 2011

How to capture fireworks with digital camera

Capturing amazing fireworks with your digital camera is a matter of perfect timing and skills. Perfect timing is necessary so that the shot is not missed, while the skills can be achieved by practicing and learning them again and again. Here are some of the important tips that can be successfully applied while framing fireworks with your camera.

Take Position

Get ready with your camera and take the desired position on time. Think of fireworks like soap bubbles. They will fade away in seconds, leaving you scratching your head and wondering - they are too fast to shoot. Anticipation and hope plays a vital role here.

Use Tripod

Your digital camera should be still while capturing fireworks and for this a tripod will do the trick. This is because while shooting fireworks, your digital camera must be set to delayed shutter speed and any external movement will give rise to a blurry shot. So it is always recommended to use a tripod to get sharp firework photos.

Set the Camera's Brightness and ISO

Now that you are ready to shoot with a tripod, choose manual or program auto mode and disable the camera flash. In manual/program auto mode, set the brightness value to +1.0 and set the ISO to a low value (ISO between 80 to 200 will be fine).

Set the Aperture

SLR camera owners can increase their camera's aperture to a high value, to entertain more light into the camera. This will result in a full blown fireworks being captured with true colors and brightness.

Take the Shot

Now you are almost ready to take the shot. Aim your camera on the tripod and take the shots by simply holding down the capture button. Experiment is the key here. Don't get bogged down by missing a firework shot. Try, try and try. You will get amazing results.


This one is clicked by a point and shoot camera with the settings described above.
Shooting fireworks is easyHow to shoot fireworks Try with different positions and never give-up hope and anticipation.