January 11, 2011

5 tips to take care of your digital camera

Digital cameras are expensive and they need your little attention and care to perform well even after years of purchasing them.

Get acquainted with the 5 tips mentioned below to take care of your digital camera…

1.) Camera Bag

Tips to take care of camera

When not in use always keep your camera in its bag. This prevents any sort of scratch and dust that might spoil the camera and make it look like a less new one.


2.) Camera lens and LCD screen

Tips to take care of digital camera Tips to take care of digital camera

The camera lens is the heart of your camera. Never touch it directly with your fingers and avoid using any cloth to wipe it clean. The camera lens should be cleaned using a slightly damped cotton cloth or a special micro-fiber cloth. Similarly for cleaning the camera's LCD panel one can use these materials. But it's always recommended to use a camera-cleaning kit rather than trying your hands on it.

3.) Battery

tips to take care of digital camera

Always make sure not to keep your camera with battery inside it, when the camera is no longer in use. This can lead to corrosive discharges and is harmful to both the battery as well as the camera.

4.) Memory Card

tips to take care of digital camera

Never place your digital camera near a magnetic material or near any electric field, as this can lead to a damaged memory card.

5.) Basic cleaning

Clean your camera and it's accessories by every weekend. It is advisable to buy a camera-cleaning kit for basic cleaning and maintenance.

Good Luck and enjoy the photography!