February 10, 2012

Tips on how to choose a Great Wedding Photographer

Digital cameras have made the world of photography so much smaller. Think back just 15 years ago when digital cameras were few, far apart and very expensive, and we went shopping for our film, and had photos developed at the local chemist in the shopping center or photography shop.

It seems like a century has gone by since I last developed a roll of film, scanned the wedding photos and sent them to Clients - but that was the way things were done.

Today wedding photography is so much simpler and has made the profession easily accessible to a growing number of amateurs disguising themselves as top notch professionals.

choosing a wedding photographer

Here are a few tips and things to look out for when choosing a professional wedding photographer.

Tip number 1: Budget is Important

Like everything else in life, quality will cost you. Don't be fooled by the numbers or technology of their equipment - the beauty of a photo is not directly related to the technology of equipment, rather to the creativity and sensitivity of the photographer. A good wedding photographer will cost you more than the average.
There is a saying: Money comes and goes but the quality of a product or service will stay forever.

Tip number 2: Review Wedding Photography Blogs

review wedding photography blogs 

Sometimes flashy blogs will obscure the photos - look beyond the blog, if you "connect" with the people and events in the photos you see, then you have discovered a talented wedding photographer.

Tip number 3: Choose your photography style - either Black and White…

black/white wedding photography

or Colored?

colored wedding photography

It's your choice. A professional will shoot with different cameras in a variety of situations - black and white will feature humanity and trigger emotions every time these photos are seen.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

In reviewing a wedding photographer's work you'll want to make sure his approach is what you are looking for: the best wedding photographers on the market today are intuitive and very creative with their digital cameras and adopt what is called a Contemporary Photojournalistic Approach - not a sequence of images but a stream of events which tell the story of your wedding day and capture events, feelings, complicity, and emotions as they unfold before the camera.

group wedding photography

Choosing a great wedding photographer is like buying a painting for your living room - it must fit the environment, and the budget: choosing with taste and some guidance your wedding photos will be a small treasure provided you invest adequately.

About the pictures in this post and their respective photographers:

Angelo Governi and Michela del Forno are Professional Wedding Photographers working for exclusive Weddings in Italy , operating under weddingphotos.it, one of the top contemporary wedding photography agencies on the market today, featuring Carlo Carletti, the award winning wedding photographer who has won the WPJA Award twice in 2006 and 2009 - the only professional wedding photographer to have won this prestigious award twice.