February 14, 2012

Professional Baby photography tips

If you do not have the budget to splurge on a professional baby photography session, which could cost in the hundreds of dollars, the good news is that you can re-create the same expert quality yourself at home with the use of a digital camera and a few helpful hints. Here are 5 easy to follow tips for capturing beautiful baby pictures…

1. Focus on your angle

When it comes to new born baby photography, the best success can be found in choosing the right angle. Most young babies, especially newborns, have quite a few marks, bumps, and bruises after being born, and they may suffer from flaking or baby acne.

baby photography angle

If you want to capture a beautiful image of your little bundle of joy, the angle that you choose can make or break a shot. The best angle for a newborn baby is to get down low so that you are on their level. Getting low and close will capture a more intimate shot than if you try to shoot pictures from above or several feet away.

2. Timing is everything

Young babies spend the majority of their day sleeping and feeding, so it’s important to choose a time when you know that your baby will be happy and upbeat. This may be an hour after feeding when your baby has had time to digest and is feeling alert before his next nap.

3. Get the proper lighting

light for baby photography

Instead of using a flash, which will only create an unflattering image, take pictures outdoors or in a room with enough natural light. Using a flash will result in an unnatural tone in the picture and will also disrupt or scare the baby to potentially upset him during the shoot. Placing the baby in a bouncer or on a blanket near a window should give you enough natural light to capture a soft, cozy shot.

4. Experiment with black and white photography

black and white baby photography

Some cameras have a black and white photo option, or you may choose to edit your pictures in black and white in Photoshop after the shoot. It’s common for a newborn baby’s skin to look very red or yellow at an early age, so black and white may be the most flattering option when conducting a photo shoot with a young baby.

5. Consider a faster camera lens

Although you can use the above baby photography tips with a basic digital camera, you will get better results by using a fast lens on a DSLR. A recommended lens for this type of photo shoot is 50 mm 1.4, which will enable you to take higher quality close-ups of a baby’s face and upper body in a full frame.


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