January 09, 2011

Sony Cybershot Vs. Canon digital camera

Sony Cybershot and Canon are the leading camera makers in the world, which make use of high end optical technology to deliver the best of cameras and camcorders. So you want to buy a brand new digital camera but cannot make a choice between Sony or Canon ? Then this short guide is for you…
Picture quality : Canon
Sony Cybershot is known for its excellent performance when it comes to the picture quality. The pictures captured are crisp and clear. On the other side Canon, being the biggest camera maker is a self-explanatory mark. Pictures captured with Canon are perfect and outstanding. Canon technology is a bit superior to Sony Cybershot.

Reliability and trust : Canon
Though Sony and Canon are equally leveled brands, yet Sony can't beat the reliability of Canon. Sony is a brand that has command over a wide range of electronic gadgets. It's product manufacturing range is quite large as compared to Canon. From mobile phones, Walkman, televisions, laptops to cybershot digital cameras all are made by Sony. On the other hand Canon concentrates solely on digital cameras and laser printers, making it a more reliable brand than Sony.

Style : Sony Cybershot
Sony is well known for its style statement. All of its digital cams are a sensational blend of style and performance.
Though Canon is new to this feature, it's trying the best to overcome Sony with the newly introduced IXUS series of camera.

Afford-ability : Sony Cybershot
When it comes to affordability, Sony takes away the crown. On comparing the camera models of the two brands having the same mega-pixels, it's quite conspicuous that Sony is more affordable than Canon.

So which camera is worth to go for? Figure it out from following table…

Type of user

For Price Range

Your camera choice should be…

Casual/Home user

Up to 280 Dollars

Sony W series/ Canon Powershot

Average user/tourist

From 280 – 360 Dollars

Sony T series or Canon IXUS

Advanced user/Pro

Above 360 Dollars

Sony α Slr/ Canon EOS

Disclaimer : The comparison of the above mentioned camera companies is purely subjective and this may vary from person to person. Some may be die heart fans of Sony and some may prefer Canon for keeps. This review and comparison was posted after taking a survey of around 20 to 30 people I know personally.