February 15, 2015

Meet Facetune - The perfect portrait and selfie editor in your pocket

You can easily retouch your portraits and selfies like a pro using powerful desktop software suites like photoshop and lightroom. Imagine a situation where you don't have access to your laptop and you feel the urge to retouch a group of photographs you just got clicked with your friends. The standard photo editors that come pre-installed on your devices are just too austere for a professional magazine level retouch. Isn't it? Here's where the facetune app enters to your rescue. With facetune installed on your device, you carry flawless retouching capabilities in your pocket. Forget about photoshop and lightroom. You can't ask more from a mobile app like this one. Seriously friends!

Here's what you can do with facetune -

1. Say goodbye to facial marks and blemishes

Using the "patch tool" in the app, you can get rid of all the unwanted facial marks, spots and blemishes.

2. Look clean-shaven (for guys, obviously :p)

Does your facial stubble in the picture make you look shabby? Don't worry. Use the "smooth tool" in the app to get that clean shaven look!

3. Whiten your teeth

Pale teeth can be embarrassing. Use the "whiten teeth" tool to get that flawless smile :)

4. Remove red eyes

Clicking a selfie in low natural light with flash turned on is the main reason why you see that red eye in your photo. With the "red eye" tool, all that you have to do is to just tap on the red eyes, and they're gone! 

5. Look slim

Get rid of that double chin and fat belly using the "reshape tool"

6. Look younger

Using the "smooth tool" & "patch tool", you can reverse all the signs of aging!

6. Color your hair and clothes

Using the "tone picker", you can easily change the color of your hair and clothes to whatever you like.

7. Defocus/Blur the background

With a DSLR, you can easily click a portrait with shallow depth of field. But if you don't have one or if you simply forgot to introduce the effect with your DSLR while shooting the photographs, this app can help. 

8. Plus, a variety of amazing effects!!!

Grab it. It's available for just $4 on Android and iOS.