March 01, 2014

Product Photography Tips

Hello readers! Today’s post has been contributed by my friend Heena Verma, a passionate beauty blogger behind Vanity Case Box. She takes exceptionally good photographs of her beauty and makeup products. Through this post, she shares with us, the top 5 tips to take ‘wow’ photos of your products :)

Tip 1. Lighting Is Very Important

lighting importance

swatch lighting

If you have a good lighting, you have done more than half of the job. I always prefer natural light to photograph my products. It only means you have a clearer picture and a picture that depicts its true colours which is very important while photographing beauty products. You don’t want your bright pink eye shadow to be looking like a light pink eye shadow and fool your readers! Along with that, natural lighting also helps in bringing out true swatches of the products. Even in natural light, experiment with your camera settings to bring the swatch as close to the accurate shade of the makeup.


Tip 2. Avoid Using Flash

I also avoid using flash since it washes out the colours terribly and brings out another picture. The more you explore your camera and play with its settings, the more you will realize that how much good a plain digital camera can be!


Tip 3. Retouch, If Necessary

Also, when the weather is really gloomy and it’s getting tough to capture pictures nicely, you can always use a touch of photo editing software to brighten up the pictures in such a way that does not alters the product image drastically.

3 4


Tip 4. Get Creative!

taking photos from different anglesTaking creative pictures is one of the most satisfying things for me in my blog. Think about different angles, different composition, and different backgrounds. Different angles mean as to in what way you want to capture your product i.e. sitting, lying, vertically, open or closed. You don’t want to place your product far in the picture. The product’s ratio should have a good balance with the picture frame.


Tip 5. Take A Look At The Background

using balloons as propsMake sure that the product doesn’t get distracted by the background. Take a clean background. I have seen many pictures with the products being showcased in a very messy background. Avoid it. It causes distractions. You can use different locations and even different types of pretty handmade sheets to capture beautiful pictures. Many-a-times, you can also use different props to enhance images. Just make sure that you place them in a way that doesn’t interfere with the product and goes with the personality of the product. For example, while capturing skincare and bath care products, you can use towels and candles along side. Similarly, while capturing lipsticks or nail polishes, use can use jewellery behind them but in a sober manner!

jewellery behind lipstick

pearl in the background

glitter sheets in the background

Lastly to make sure that you get the most out of your digital camera, make sure that you are well acquainted with all of its functions!


About the Guest Author:

Heena  owns a makeup and beauty blog – She loves to take creative photographs on her blog. Hop on to her blog to see more of the pretty pictures