December 15, 2012

10 Photography Tips For Christmas

Christmas is one of the most memorable celebrations of the year. Unfortunately, the merry event only comes once every 12 months. If you want to relive the occasion at any given time and day of the year, you might want to capture the moment by taking a snapshot. However, don’t just point and shoot when you get the chance. The best pictures are captured by considering a number of elements.

Many owners of digital or SLR cameras are guilty of using a photo editor to alter an image’s quality or resolution. When you know how to properly use a camera at any environment, you no longer have to play with the tone, contrast and colour just to get that perfect picture. Just by simply tweaking your camera’s setting and taking advantage of the natural surrounding can be the answer.

1. Lighting

Lighting can affect the overall quality of your picture as it can create the mood and depth of the image. For instance, when you want to establish a homey and dreamy atmosphere, you can just simply dim the lights. On the other hand, direct and bright light can create a more dramatic vibe as more shadows are produced.

2. Avoiding Glares

If you are going to celebrate Christmas outdoors, you don’t have to use flash as natural light is good enough to emphasise your subject. However, you should still consider the brightness of the sun. Too little light will make your subject illuminate too much while too much can lead to glares. Mid-morning and late afternoon tend to be best for outdoor photography. Alternatively, indoor parties should be used with lots of lighting. When using flash, make sure that you are about 5m away from the subject.

3. Composition And Angle

You don’t always have to take a wide angle picture. As long as you apply the rule of thirds, placing your subject on the intersecting lines of the equally divided three sections of the frame, you can play with the angle of your subject. To do this, you can just switch on the grid on your camera’s setting.

4. Use A Tripod

Hand held shots can result to a wobbly picture but when you use a camera tripod, you get a balance image, giving you a sharper and crispier picture of your subject. You can also be included in group photos such as family portraits as you can just simply mount your camera, adjust the settings and set the timer.

5. Adjust Your Camera’s White Balance

White balance is an important aspect of photography that unfortunately not all camera owners know the importance of. When you take a picture indoors, you will notice your picture comes out with a different colour. Adjusting your camera’s white balance can make the colour better and accordingly to your subject.

6. Take Pictures Until You Are Contented

Take many pictures as many as you can. It’s easier to choose the best image among three or more shots rather than having only one version.

7. Christmas Lights and Ornaments

xmas tree lights

Unwrapping gifts and Christmas dinner aren’t the only things you need to take a picture of. You should also snap a photo of holiday decorations such as the Christmas tree and lights and other ornaments. For best results, photograph Christmas lights during dusk or at night so the colours can pop out.

8. Close-Ups

close up christmas ornaments

You don’t always have to use a wide angle for portrait photography or Christmas embellishments. You can capture a person’s emotion by opting for a close up. As for the ornaments, details are more prominent and thus, a better quality of the image.

9. Set Your Camera’s Shutter Speed

You can prevent blurred photos by setting your camera’s shutter speed. You don’t have to ask the subject of your picture to stay still as it can focus on your subject as they move.

10. Check The Background

To add a more holiday vibe, consider the background of your subject. Remember distractions shouldn’t be included in your picture’s frame as it can greatly affect the feel of the image.

So you are now well prepared in advance to make the upcoming Christmas festival a truly memorable one! Follow these 10 awesome tips and celebrate a revived and fun-filled Christmas this month ;) All the best!

Hannah Gregorio

About the Guest Author:

Hannah Gregorio is a photography writer for Dreamlife Photos & Video. She shares digital photography tips and tutorials aimed to help novice photographers.