September 06, 2012

6 Reasons to Prefer Point-and-Shoots to DSLR Cameras

The following post is an extension to my previous post which talked about how point-and-shoots are different from DSLRs.
In this post, I am going to highlight 6 reasons to prefer a regular point-and-shoot camera to a DSLR...


1. Affordability

Point-and-shoots are generally available at around half the cost of DSLRs. The reason for this wide gap in price is quite discernible - compact cameras are built inexpensively keeping the needs of casual users in mind, while the DSLRs are built expensively keeping the requirements of PROs in mind. Besides that, not everyone can keep up with the cost of accessories and maintenance of DSLRs, except for the professionals and photo maniacs :P


2. Portability

A point and shoot camera is your perfect companion for casual occasions like birthday shoots, get together clicks and for travel photography, on the go. Unlike DSLRs, point-and-shoots being sleek, light weight and pocketable are never a burden to carry along with.


3. User Friendly Interface

nikon android cameraIt's very easy to operate a point-and-shoot than a DSLR. It's just a matter of getting acquainted with a couple of buttons and you are good to go. Contrary, operating a DSLR requires an exhaustive understanding of so many controls and combinations. I have seen so many novice and wanna be photographers being bogged down by the sheer abstruseness of DSLRs. So, don't ever go for a costly DSLR, until you become an accomplished virtuoso at capturing anything with your point-and-shoot skills. The good news is, Android – the most successful mobile OS has entered to power the compact camera world. Nikon UK has recently launched the first ever android powered camera - COOLPIX S800c.


4. Maintenance

Needless to say, DSLRs demand much more care and maintenance than the compact cameras. One really needs to have a stomach to wipe clean all the vital parts of the DSLR unlike its counterpart which can be cleaned and maintained very easily.


5. Appealing Looks & Colors

These days the point-and-shoots come in vivid style and colors. Take Sony Cybershot's T series and the whole new range of canon's IXUS series of cameras for example. They are a perfect blend of style statement and functionality in a nice little package. Contrary to that, most of the DSLRs are available in the same retro style but they are very powerful when it comes to the level of performance and acuity.


6. Useful in-built presets

Point-and-shoots are usually equipped with so many useful presets like - the panorama mode, macro mode, under-water mode and the portrait mode. These presets perceptibly eliminate the need to fiddle with the manual settings of your camera while capturing different types of scenes.
For instance, to capture due drops on leaves, one can achieve fairly good results in short time by readily operating the camera under the macro mode.
Whereas to capture the same type of scene with a DSLR, one will need to carefully select a suitably larger aperture value and a smaller shutter speed to achieve remarkable results.

So what camera do u prefer to use ? Please add your valuable opinions in the comments below.