May 16, 2012

10 Tips To Take Good Photos with Your Mobile Phone Camera

We all capture our daily life events using regular phone camera. For most of us, it's simply like holding the phone against the subject followed by pressing the shoot button. And that's all. But do you know how to take great photos with your mobile phone camera? There is a lot more to know apart from just holding the phone against your subject. Let's see, how by using these 10 tips one can make the most out of his/her basic mobile camera!

iPhone 4 camera 

1. Take photos in the highest possible resolution

When you are capturing photos using your mobile camera, always make sure that you take the photos in highest resolution; i.e in the highest possible megapixel count. This ensures that the quality of the captured photos is not compromised when they are edited or cropped later.

2. Look for proper lighting and angle

Nothing compares to the quality of photos shot under natural lighting. So always make it a habit to take your photos in natural light, instead of capturing under the fluorescent lights inside the room.

3. Avoid using digital zoom

Zooming in on to the subject results in degraded resolution. The photos captured this way loose their true megapixel count and look pixelated. The better approach is to move closer to your subject and avoid using the digital zoom.

4. Check your background

Before clicking the photo, do ensure that the background is pleasant with minimal distractions. For example, If you are shooting a photo inside a room make sure that your background does not include distracting things like refrigerator, PC, television or anything like that which tends to distract the attention from the main subject.

5. Use the rule of thirds

Rule of Thirds

If you have enough time to frame your mobile shots do make use of the rules of thirds. This tip can help you to achieve better composition in your photos. Rule of thirds basically works by dividing your camera frame in 9 equal parts using two equally spaced lines running horizontally and vertically. The subject of interest should lie on either of the intersection points or at any of these lines.


6. Choose the orientation wisely

Wisely choose between the portrait mode or the landscape mode. For example, all the wide angle scenes (like - sea coasts, lakes, night skylines, etc.) should be captured in the landscape mode. When taking the portrait shots of a person, it is quite obvious to go for the portrait mode, instead of the landscape mode.

7. Switch to the auto focus mode

It is always a good idea to use the auto-focus mode on your phone’s camera. Whether you would like to take macro-shots or distant-shots, enabling the auto-focus mode takes care of all.

8. Flash is not always necessary

Turn off your camera flash when shooting under well lit conditions. Using the flash on your phone every-time can cause your photos to look over-exposed and unnatural. Use the flash only when it’s really necessary and you can’t do without it.

9. Play with the ISO numbers

This tip is especially for the high end mobile phones(iPhones, androids and windows powered devices) which enjoy this added camera feature. Owners of such devices are strongly recommended to learn the basics of ISO in digital photography and then apply them to take beautiful photos every time.

10. Take a series of shots

Always make it a habit to take a series of shots captured with a variety of angles. This way you will end up with a flexible option to save your favourite shots while at the same time discarding those that you do not need anymore.

Hope you enjoyed the tips. Have any other worthy tip to share? Do comment on this post below ;)