April 25, 2012

Instagram for android – amazingly easy way to edit and share photos online

If you are an android phone owner who loves editing and sharing photos online then you must try out this newly released photo editing app – Instagram. Within 24 hours of release on the play store, this app recorded a whooping 1 million+ downloads. What makes instagram unique from the rest of the photo editing apps for android, is its unique user interface, 17 sets of amazing pre-installed filters and the huge platform for sharing your masterpiece – Instagram’s own photo sharing social network. At last not to forget, the high brand value behind it’s name with the apparent news of Facebook buying the photo editing and sharing service for 1 billion USD !
It is insanely easy to use instagram on android. This post walks you through the major steps in editing and sharing photos online using instagram on android.

How to use the instagram app on android ?

Step 1: Before using the app, you have to register an account with instagram. This would hardly take a minute.

Step 2: Choose the camera icon from the bottom (yes, the third one from the bottom). Now either take a new picture from camera or load one from the gallery.

how to use instagram android

Step 3: One limitation of instagram is that, the photos will be resized to square shapes before applying any filter. This directly affects the resolution of your photos being edited.

Step 4: Apply your favorite photo editing effect from the pre installed set of 17 filters with ridiculous namesSmile with tongue out

Once applied, tap on the forward blue arrow icon on the top of the screen. Now your image will be processed and automatically saved to the gallery within a folder named instagram. This is the annoying part of the application, it does not allow saving the edited picture with its main user interface. The photos are saved silently in the background on your SD card once you tap the forward arrow icon to process the photos.

Step 5 (optional): Give your photo a name and share it online by tapping the green upload button. This will upload your photos to instagram’s own photo sharing network. Nevertheless, you can also choose to upload your artwork on popular social networks like twitter and Facebook by signing into your respective accounts and granting access to Instagram to upload your photos there Smile

Although using the same app on an iPhone felt way more polished and smooth, we were not disappointed at all using it on an android for the very first time (especially when the app is still in its early days of development). We wish the developers at instagram could make some improvements like the addition of more photo editing filters and the ability to save picture directly to the SD card in the upcoming versions of the app on the android market.