March 19, 2012

Picasa Editing and Retouching tutorial

After sharing an awesome photo editing tutorial in PhotoScape, here I present the next photo editing and retouching tutorial using Google Picasa. The new version of Picasa offers much more to edit photos using a variety of new photo editing effects like HDR(High Dynamic Range), Lomo, Cross process, Comic Print and even Vignette. Editing photos in new Google Picasa(version 3.9) has just became easier and and a lot more funnier. So without wasting any more time, lets go ahead and try out this awesome photo editing trick in Picasa !! You all will definitely love this for sure !

How to edit photos in Picasa ?

1. Open up your photo in Picasa and select the Retouch option in the left window (under the commonly needed fixes with wrench icon).

retouch in picasa

This removes all sorts of marks and blemishes from your photo. The process of retouching is quite simple –> select the size of brush and click – drag from the point of imperfection to perfection on the skin. I mean, just click-hold at the mark on the skin and then drag-release to the adjacent clearer point on the skin. This process will cover up all the marks/spots and the skin will look a lot more clearer. Have a look at the screenshot below…removing blemishes in picasa

2. Now navigate to the third tab (with plain brush icon). Under this tab, select ‘Glow’ and apply the effect with default slider settings.

adding glow picasa

3. Under the last tab, select ‘Vignette’. And that is it – Retouching and editing has been successfully completed in Google Picasa.

vignette picasa

You can play with other effects as well, like – comic-print, pencil-sketch, polaroid and grey. These effects will pop your photo in case you are planning to use it as your Facebook profile picture. Anyways…this was the most basic editing and retouching that can be done using Google Picasa. Have fun – editing your photos !!

picasa editing tutorial