February 19, 2012

Best Free Camera Apps for Android Phones

The stock android camera app is good enough to impress first time android phone users. But if you are bored with this stock camera app and want to try out some really awesome and feature-rich android camera apps then this post is for you. All the apps listed in this post are free to download from the android market…

1. Pudding Camera (by KTH)

Pudding camera comes with pre-installed camera filters and a variety of camera reels. This camera app is freaking awesome, all that you have to do is select the type of camera, feed it with the desired camera reel and start shooting. The only downside is – the hard time locating the settings icon(near the search button) and restriction of the highest image size to 1280px. Otherwise the app is great. Here are a few screenshots I took while testing this app.

pudding camera app android


2. Retro Camera (by Urbian)

If you have developed a taste for old film photography, then the retro camera app is for you. Like pudding camera it also comes with a number of preinstalled and awesome camera filters. This app is a must try for every android user, it will change the way you take and share snapshots of your loved ones!

retro camera app android

Retro Camera comes with amazing shutter sounds, amazing clip styled gallery and detailed camera information available for every camera filter that you are going to use. This android camera app is fabulous.

retro camera app gallery

3. Camera 360 Ultimate (by PinGuo Inc.)

Camera 360 Ultimate has been recently updated to a feature-rich and ad-free version on the android market. It is a great camera app and offers a variety of features operating under six basic modes to choose from – Effect, Scene, Funny, Tilt Shift, Color-Shift and the Normal mode. Here are a couple of screenshots I took to illustrate each mode of operation.

camera 360 ultimate app android

4. Camera Mod for Xperia PLAY (by Sebastian Goscik)

This light camera app is a modification of the stock android camera app. Quite obviously it has incorporated some added features and functions that the stock camera lacks. Unlike the aforementioned camera apps, this camera app does not provide those eye candy effects. Camera Mod can be installed on any android phone(it’s not just for the Xperia PLAYstation).

xperia camera for android

With the use of these awesome camera apps, your android phone can be easily converted into a photography powerhouse. You don’t really need a point-and-shoot or a DSLR to capture wonderful shots, when there are so many fantastic camera apps available in the android market for free !!