December 09, 2011

HDR photography apps for Android phones

Taking HDR(High Dynamic Range) photos with an android phone is a lot more faster and easier than doing the same job with a digital camera (which of course involves a lot of post production work on Adobe Photoshop). You must be thinking, how is this possible for a basic android phone camera to take HDR photos and process them within a few minutes ? Well..Google’s android market features some pretty decent apps developed for taking stunning HDR photos (these apps do all the pre-production and post-production work needed to bring out an HDR photo). In this post I will be reviewing some of the handpicked HDR apps and the way to use them to get awesome HDR photos on your droid.

We have grouped these HDR apps into two basic categories. The first category belongs to those apps which are like normal camera apps and produce HDR photos right after a click (just like you shoot your photos with the basic camera app), while the second category belongs to those apps which do only the post production work (i.e adding an HDR effect to a pre captured photo).

>> Category 1 (regular camera apps creating HDR photos right after a click)

HDR Camera/HDR Camera +

This amazing HDR app for android, developed by ‘Almalence’ comes with two versions – free and paid. I will always recommend to go for the paid one over the free one because it has a lot more added features like the ability to choose flash, geo-tagging, ability to mute shutter sound, etc..

Here's is how to configure the HDR settings for the best possible experience. (leave color vividness, local contrast, micro contrast, noise and exposure to default and set the rest of the parameters as shared in the screenshot below..)

HDR camera + android

Configured these settings ? Ok..Now you are ready to take awesome HDR photos with your android phoneSmile



Pro HDR Camera

This HDR app created by EyeApps LLC, failed to work on our android devices – Desire HD and Wildfire S. Unfortunately we were unable to review this app for our readers as it crashed every time with a force-closing error.

Our suggestion: Read the review on EyeApps website and try out this app on your phone. Don’t forget to share the results with us !!

Camera 360

This is the third app in the android market, capable to capturing HDR photos. Though not primarily a dedicated HDR app, this little app offers the functionality of capturing HDR images under the effects menu. There are hardly any settings to configure, and the process of getting HDR photos is straight forward.

Camera 360 HDR android HDR app android - Camera 360


>> Category 2 (apps adding HDR effect to pre captured photo)

PicSay Pro - Photo Editor

This award winning photo editing app for android developed by Shiny core wonderfully adds faux HDR effect to your captured snaps.

Adding the HDR effect is very simple. Open up the app, tap on ‘get a picture’ and then select faux HDR effect from the options.

picsay pro HDR android  Picsay pro HDr effect


If you have any other HDR tip for android to share with us, then please comment on this post. With an android phone, you can always carry the HDR power with you…forget bulky cameras, Photoshop editing and all…Shoot like a pro Thumbs up