June 29, 2011

Sony DSC W320 Review

The Sony Cybershot – DSC W320 still camera is one of the most popular camera manufactured by Sony. It’s affordable, has great design and offers plenty of good features. DSC W320 is a simple point and shoot camera that has almost all the features of the w series of Sony except for sweep panorama and no HD video recording. The photo captured by this point and shoot camera are excellent in quality and the users can click photos using a variety of available resolutions like 14MP, 10 MP, 5MP or even 2MP. The video recording resolution is 640*480 with framing at the speed of around 29 fps(frames per second).

  Lets take a quick insight into it’s technical specifications…

Camera Megapixels 14.1
Video recording VGA and QVGA @ 29 frames per second, video frame dimension – 640*480
Optical zoom 4x
Digital Zoom 8x
Lens Carl Zeiss (26mm wide)
LCD screen length 7 cm (diagonally)
colors 230k
battery rechargeable lithium ION
Memory/Storage internal 30 MB, 4 GB micro SD card included
Camera type Point and shoot
Touch screen No

Sony DSC W320 has 4 basic menu selection screens – intelligent auto mode, program auto mode, scene selection mode and blur reduction mode.

dsc w320 menu

In the image above, the I followed by camera icon represents auto mode, P stands for Program auto mode, SCN stands for scene selection while the last icon represents shooting with blur reduction.

Now we will be discussing each one of these screen menus in details…

Intelligent auto mode

Intelligent auto mode, as the name suggests provides auto image stabilization. It captures every shot with ease no matter where the shots are being framed. Forget about light conditions and the movement of objects, the intelligent auto mode takes care of all these things. You will just need to press the shoot button and the camera will produce the best possible image under those conditions.

The vertical sub menu of intelligent auto mode presents options for easy mode, image resolution selection (14 MP, 11 MP, 10 MP, 5 MP, 2 MP and VGA), single-shot/burst-mode (shooting multiple images as long as the shoot button is kept pressed), OEV (for adjusting screen brightness on a scale of –2 to +2), self timer and smile sensitivity meter.

sample image

dsc w320 review

Program auto mode

Program auto mode gives the end user the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of adjustable settings like controlling the camera’s shutter speed, ISO, aperture, flash properties, white balance, area of focus and metering mode.

sony w320 review

sample image

dsc w320 review

Scene Selection mode

Scene selection mode acts like a pre-defined preset in some sort of software. Scene section mode of W320 includes shooting subject with soft background, with high ISO, landscape mode, twilight using flash, predefined settings for capturing food, pets, underwater scene and beach scene

sony w320 review

Blur reduction mode

Blur reduction mode in W320 ensures that the subject is shot with minimum blur induced. The blur can occur on account of shaking hands holding the camera or an unstable subject being framed. This mode finds utility when it is required to capture a digital image of any document or any unstable subject that you do not wish to miss.

Samples and tests

View sample images taken by W320 camera at 14 MP resolution.

Sample video test of W320 camera (watching this video on YouTube is recommended for better analysis).

w320 video test

I have explained this review on W320 camera with the best of my knowledge and experience and i hope that you will definitely like this !!