April 02, 2011

Portrait Professional Tutorial - Photo Retouching

Portrait professional is a very powerful software when it comes to retouching photos or extreme photo makeovers. By using this incredible piece of software, one can modify the jaw shape, head, nose or even fake a soft smile. Yeah..that’s too good to be true !
Adding glow to face, removing marks and blemishes, improving the hair texture, colour and much more… things are possible by using Portrait Professional.
It’s just a matter of couple of minutes and this photo retouching suite can greet you with a dynamically enhanced photo. Go ahead and try it !

For ultimate photo retouching experience I would suggest you to go for the full version of portrait professional !

Alright…now get started. In this tutorial I have used a photo of actress Angelina(that’s without any makeover) and by using portrait professional I will be dramatically enhancing this photo ! Keep on reading to discover how…


How to retouch photos in portrait professional

Step 1 : Open your photo in the software and on the right panel select your gender. After this do as directed by the software (you will need to single click on various facial spots like eye corners, tip of the nose, lips and then give appropriate shape to the blue lines in accordance to your face portrait) Refer the screen shots below…

professional portrait retouching
professional portrait retouching
It's that simple…You just have to position the dots with the help of reference picture provided in the right panel of the software. After finishing hit the space bar.

Step 2: Now you will have to adjust the sliders located on the right side of the software to enhance your photo’s appearance. You can even improve critical facial features like small nose, too much dilated eyes and can even control the extent of smiling expression.

professional portrait retouching 
then there are improving sliders for skin controls where you can dramatically improve skin texture, wrinkles and even spots. Depending upon your image adjust the values of the sliders until you are satisfied.

Step 3: Now scroll down to eyes retouch and adjust the sliders to improve the appearance of eyes and then move to hair tiding mode. Adjust the value of the sliders in accordance to what your picture requires. Don't do that excessively and as may lead to over editing. To be on a safer side, use the value of the sliders that I am using in my picture. 

professional portrait retouching 

Now save your picture and compare the initial and final picture.
professional portrait retouching professional portrait retouching

That’s the ease of use of portrait professional. I hope that you enjoyed this photo retouching tutorial.