March 07, 2011

Digital Hairstyles In Adobe Photoshop

In this post I am going to explain you how to get virtual hairstyles or digital hairstyles for free in Adobe Photoshop. For this tutorial you will need two photos, one should be obviously yours while the other one should be of the person whose hairstyle you would like to copy.

How to copy a hairstyle in Photoshop

1.Open the photo(the person’s photo whose hairstyle has to be copied) in Adobe Photoshop and select magneto-lasso tool from the left toolbar. After selecting this tool, click once along the hair line and start tracing the whole hairstyle until a close loop is formed.

2. After this, you have to copy or cut the hairstyle as shown below… 

virtual hairstyles free


3. Open your photo and paste the hairstyle on it using ctrl+v.

digital hairstyles free 

4. Using ctrl+t, adjust this hairstyle on your photo's hairstyle.

digital hairstyles free

5. Now, use eraser tool to clean the outer boundary of your new hairstyle.

digital hairstyles free

6. Use eye-dropper tool, to make the hairline look more realistic. For this, select eye-dropper tool and click once on the forehead skin color near the hairline. Then use brush tool to clean the hairline along the forehead area. You can use this method to give a final touch to the new digital hairstyle.

digital hairstyles men 

7. That’s all..Your new hairstyle is ready Smile

virtual hairstyles for men  virtual hairstyles for men

For even better understanding of this Photoshop tutorial, please do refer the following video tutorial in which I have tried my best to copy the hairstyle. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated !