December 08, 2010

Sample images of Sony DSC W320

I bought W320 a month ago and i am extremely happy with its image quality. Though there are a number of websites giving its review, but according to me showing sample images of Sony DSC W320 would be an exciting review. It is a 14.1 mega-pixel camera with outstanding image quality. Although it does not allow recording videos in HD, yet its VGA mode with 30 frames per second is capable of creating a wow movie. This compact camera is the most ideal choice for anyone who is on a budget and of course for first time digital camera owners like me. In this blog post I have shared a couple of photos captured with Sony w320. To know more about all the features, do visit this W320 review.

Here are the sample images taken with my Sony W320 under various modes. Click on each image to view in full resolution.

Mode 1: Intelligent Auto
Captures the perfect shot with ease. Automatically determining the optimized settings for different scenes, intelligent Auto mode combines the innovative technologies of Intelligent Scene Recognition, Face Detection and Smile shutter to ensure that every shot is perfect, regardless of the shooting environment.
sample images sony w320

sample images sony w320  

Mode 2: Program Auto
In this mode you have almost the full control over manual camera settings like aperture, ISO, light conditions and so on…

Mode 3: Scene Selection Mode
It consists of various modes like shooting subject with soft background, in low light using flash, in high sensitivity, etc..

Mode 4: Twilight Mode (shooting in low light with flash)
sample images sony w320