December 07, 2010

5 Myths about digital cameras

There are a number of myths about digital cameras creeping among the people who are not aficionado of digital cameras. Without having basic knowledge about digital cameras people promote these myths among each other… Here are the popular 5 myths about the digital cameras:

higher the mega-pixel, better is the picture quality

People associate high megapixel counts with better picture quality… that’s a myth. Higher megapixels are required only when you need to take photo-prints of exceptionally good quality or when you need to get your pictures resized without losing the quality. An 8 MP camera will give the same photo-quality as a 10 MP camera. With an 8 MP picture your pixels will spread out if you zoom it after a certain range (1:1), while with a 10 MP camera you will be able to zoom in without losing much pixels. Furthermore, the size of picture will be larger than as compared to the picture captured with 8 MP one. That's the main difference. Overall there is no perceptible difference in the image quality. This is the most popular myth about digital camera which needs to be scrapped off.

expensive cameras are always better

It's again not true. First, you should properly check out the features and modes that you want in the camera of your choice then go for the right camera. Properly check out the lens type, camera brand, the features that you need and your pocket size of course.

digital cameras are only for experts

NO. Actually capturing images with digital cameras has become a child's play today. You just need to know the basic controls and features and that's it. Digital cameras have indeed brought a revolution in the field of photography.

digital cameras are expensive

It's simply ludicrous to say that digital cameras are expensive or "I can't afford to buy one" especially in a digital era in which the price of digital electronic products plunges down every one year. When you keep yourself abreast of the latest cameras and prices you will find that they are no more expensive. Carefully select the appropriate features that you need and then go for the camera. For instance, unless you are a pro photographer you might not need a DSLR with 10x zoom, super HD video recording..etc. My advice – for those who just stepped in the digital photography, practicing with point-and-shoots is the way to go !

digital cameras need a lot of care

Digital cameras can be maintained in very good conditions for years if basic cleaning and care is taken. For example, while in a month it is recommended to clean the camera lens with a soft cotton cloth using lens cleaning liquid, with smooth & gentle strokes in circular motion. The next basic care is to make sure that you are using a good camera bag, which can save your camera from dust and accidental drops.